Marketing and exports

Lucyporc is a Quebec producer and exporter of chilled pork with strong brand recognition in Canada, Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States.

Lucyporc’s high-quality meat is known throughout the world. Our products meet the highest standards in various markets, including top restaurants, premium butcher shops, gourmet food stores as well as the processing industry. Our stringent standards and flexible structure enable us to target the most demanding markets worldwide.

Lucyporc: A strategic partner

Lucyporc has been able to penetrate many market segments because of the inherent and unique characteristics of its products, namely flavor, consistency and a long shelf life. Our customers in the food service, retail and further processing sectors, and reputable chefs all agree: Lucyporc is recognized as a leader in its field and a supplier of high-quality pork meat.

We care deeply about the relationships we have developed with our customers. At Lucyporc, we listen to your needs and continually strive to improve the quality of our products. These efforts have helped us to develop strong business relationships in Asia, primarily in Japan, where we have been exporting our chilled pork for the past 10 years.

After five years of fine-tuning our processes in the fields of breeding, nutrition and processing, Lucyporc is the first Canadian company to be accredited to export to the European Union.

In Canada, customers will find our products mainly in the province of Quebec in top restaurants, fine butcher shops and retail outlets.