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Flavorful products

We have combined the best in meat attributes to obtain a product that is tender, juicy and tasty. Our “Nagano” hog differentiates itself by more marbling, pinker colour, whiter and firmer fat, and greater water retention. It contains no artificial colours or flavors.

The rich taste, appealing colour, and enticingly tender and juicy texture are the result of sound procedures and attention to detail, whether the product is chilled or frozen.

Each piece is meticulously deboned by knife, according to strict specifications. Cuts are then quickly vacuum-packed and labelled with a unique code to ensure traceability.

Our work methods ensure a product shelf life of 48 to 60 days, and our products meet Canadian, U.S., Japanese and European standards.

Lucyporc invites you to discover its distinctive cuts and enjoy the rich and delicious taste of gourmet pork!

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Our regular pork cuts

» Riblet » Shoulder
» Long cut ham » Head-on tenderloin
» Single ribbed belly » Single ribbed loin
» Japanese-style collar butt (Katarosu)